About Us

Experience the joy of a stunning new interior finish on your favorite boat or yacht.

 Restoration Marine was started in 2007 to offer a top quality boat interior upgrade option to boat and yacht owners.  In the marine environment, boat laminate interiors often suffer from delamination.  

Today, our preferred partnership with Nuvacor enables us to offer boat owners around the world the best laminate option  available to upgrade their boat or yacht interior. 

Nuvacor’s proprietary technology infuses wood like grains into polycarbonate sheets. The result is stunning high gloss lacquer look that requires little maintenance.

We offer a full range of luxury boat laminate finishes, to include the exact matches to the tone, pattern and colors that Sea Ray used between years 1995 to 2004.

To date, most of our customers prefer the Sovereign Cherry finish, which has the ability to blend with any interior fabric and leather set.  

Whether you are doing a partial or full interior laminate replacement on a boat, installation of our kits ensure your boat has a breathtaking new appearance.

Please contact us with any questions the best way to proceed with your yacht or boat interior laminate upgrade project. We are here to help!

email:  customerservice@restorationmarine.com