Here we provide some examples of customer projects to provide inspiration.  Want your project featured here? Send us photos and we'll post it for everyone to see!


Media Center
Transform an original analog TV cabinet into a modern flat screen entertainment center.  One of the most creative parts of this project is how the owner crafted the Sea Ray styled rounded edges and beautifully blended the new unit into the headliner and surrounding material.
This owner acquired a Sea Ray which had suffered moisture damage and mold on the interior. He disassembled the interior, removed the old laminate, sanded the wood surface and applied the new laminate. The result was a beautiful, brand new interior.

Many owners in very hot climates report delaminating of the original laminate. The original adhesive used by Sea Ray will start to fail at 120 degrees which interior spaces can reach if they are not properly cooled. When it fails, the laminate will pull away from the wood substrate and often leaves part of the faux wood image behind. Sometimes the laminate can be reattached with our NuvaStik adhesive. Other times the damage requires laminate replacement.

Door Lamination
Door Lamination is a very a great weekend project. This project showcases our .125" laminate which we use for table tops and doors.
Table Lamination
This project also showcases our .125" laminate. In this project the old laminate was removed because it was loose and cracked. The table was sanded smooth and NuvaStik adhesive was used on the bare wood to seal it and create better adhesion for the laminate. The result is a durable, deep, mirror finish.
Galley Lamination
Our Galley Kits are based on our .020" laminate. The .020" laminate is ideal for radiused surfaces and will transform your cruiser's Galley into a modern, luxurious environment. The deep luster of the Nuvacor grain will bring warmth and beauty to your boat as well as increase its value.
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